Audicus is a disruptive e-commerce startup that has completely changed the hearing aids industry by offering high-tech, affordable hearing aids online. Since June 2012, Audicus has saved consumers more than $20 million. Hearing aids traditionally cost up to $7,000 per pair and aren't covered by insurance. That's why 75% of the 40 million Americans with hearing loss don't have hearing aids. By eliminating intermediaries, Audicus offers state-of-the-art hearing aids for prices that are 80% lower. Audicus hearing aids are manufactured in Germany and are customized based on someone's hearing test results. Audicus has recently introduced a personal sound amplification product (PSAP), the Solo. The Solo is great for occasional use in difficult listening environments like noisy restaurants or in crowds. Users can download the Audicus Tuner app on an iPhone or iPad and submit their preferences to Audicus. Audicus will then send them a personalized Solo.


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