Bio1 Systems, a technology company founded by a nurse and engineers from Stanford University, is developing a novel hands-free solution to improve the interface between clinician providers and the electronic health record (EHR). Our aim is to develop a system that addresses three core issues: Flexibility in data entry methods; Robust functioning in acute/uncontrolled/non-traditional environments; EHR continuity across disconnected groups. Due to the complexity of documentation and image capture needs, Bio1 Systems’ initial clinical target has been wound care measurement and assessment. In 2014, the team developed and assessed the SnapCap System for chronic wound photography. SnapCap, leveraging the sensor capabilities of Google Glass™, enabled hands-free image capture and the tagging and transfer of digital images to a patient’s EHR. Bio1 Systems is currently working on a second-generation SnapCap System using best-in-class smartglasses.


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