Allison Arzeno

PhD '13

Assurance IQ
Founder & President & Chief Data Scientist


Allison joined the company in 2017 as Chief Data Scientist, and has spent her career modeling ways data science can help people address their most important challenges, from personal health to personal finance, and teaching others to find answers in data for themselves. It started with her work in operations research at MIT, where she earned her PhD studying how predictive modeling can help diabetes patients personalize their care. She then applied her expertise to helping bolster heart health as CEO of a health wearables startup and to identifying promising applications of data analytics as a consultant at Sequoia Capital. Allison has literally written the book on business analytics — "The Analytics Edge" — a popular textbook she co-authored while a lecturer at MIT. She's also taught data science to business students at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Now, in leading data science at the core of the Assurance platform, she guides her team's steadfast focus on the customer and constant exploration of data solutions to drive real-time decisions.